Connected Cars Essentials: Week ending 4/19/2020

Due to Covid19, Trucking has seen its activities going down between 80% to 90%. Certain States who are at the epicenter of the pandemic such as New York have fallen down more than the industry average to 63%. In the meantime, it reduced the number of traffic accident by half in California.

Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates, and Uber Eats are being sued for anticompetitive behavior in New York while more competition is likely to occur in the space. For example, HopSkipDrive, known for its driving to school service is now offering meal and school material delivery and transporting seniors.

NHTSA is making steps to allow front, back and side cameras to replace mirrors. is now offering autonomous delivery in California. Uber announced major self-driving improvement by predicting more accurately when cars are off-road or outside the drivable region for each car.

Cybersecurity in connected cars remains a major issue with many OEMs such as Ford and Volkswagen. It affects all parts of a vehicle including infotainment units and traction control. This reemphasized to think about cybersecurity at the design of the cars not after.