Topio Networks – Accelerating Companies with Content

Topio Networks came on the scene about 18 months ago as an accelerator of the formation of markets and the development of companies. By creating communities around emerging trends and developing the information and connections necessary for the community to effectively position themselves and benefit from these trends, Topio helps companies in the enterprise and technology markets accelerate their business plans. Calysto sat down with Founder and CEO Philippe Cases and COO and Co-Founder Gavin Whitechurch to discuss the 360-degree view Topio provides for Industry 4.0, including technologies like AI and Edge AI, edge computing, IoT, 5G and more. 
Calysto: What was the thought process behind developing Topio? How did you get started?

Philippe: My background is financing very early stage companies. I was a VC for 25 years and am used to working with companies at a very early stage, two people in a garage. These entrepreneurs, in the early days of development of their venture, usually don’t have the right type of research available to make the right decisions. I built Topio Networks to solve this problem.

We provide research for free to as many entrepreneurs, software developers and end users as we can, and allow them to make faster and better decisions. If we are successful, this will help to accelerate the market significantly.
Calysto: How does your process work?

Philippe: We use a combination of Research Analysts, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to create taxonomies about specific industries. We create the taxonomy once and we track how the taxonomy evolves over time. We are now tracking more than 40,000 terms. By doing it this way, we cut the costs of research. About 90% of the research is done automatically and 10% manually.

Calysto: How do you promote yourself? 

Philippe: The way we are going after promoting research is through partnerships. We’re not ready to disclose partners just yet, but you will be impressed with the people supporting this endeavor.

Our goal is to help companies really focus at a micro level. We help them with product marketing, and we tell them what content to use to promote themselves to the verticals they have selected. We help them reach out to our audience. We work with both big companies and start-ups.

Gavin: The edge is a place where we’ve focused, particularly in this stage of the company’s growth, because we see a lot of opportunity there. One of the partners we have is in edge computing. The information we have on edge computing is more granular than what you can find anywhere else.

Calysto: What technology areas do you cover?
Philippe: We are covering all technology for the 4th industrial revolution .
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