What is an intelligent infrastructure and why does it matter?

This week at the Intelligent Infrastructure Conference, Austin, TX, on April 28th and 29th, we will review how the city needs to move away from the concept of smart cities to create socially responsible digital infrastructures and how to build them in a brief timeframe.

Cities and states face increased environmental, social, and governance pressure from their citizens. To respond, cities executives need to move away from pure digitalization of infrastructure embodied in the concept of smart cities to intelligent infrastructures. In the process, cities executives’ roles and responsibilities will increase significantly, and they will have to:

At the same time, investments to build those infrastructures according to these new specs will increase significantly, and the timing to create them will be short. The good news is that funding and emerging business opportunities are now available to make those endeavors profitable.

Being successful in this endeavor goes beyond technologies. It requires better processes all around and massive coordination. We have more than 60 speakers and the entire industry to start discussing what it takes and how to leverage the resources available to make building a socially responsible infrastructure a success.

I was joined with Jeff Sharpe from SuperMicro to give you a preview of what we are going to talk about at the conference. We talked about this move from smart cities to Intelligent Infrastructures? Why is it required and where do you see the main use case?

The number of technologies required to be integrated to create a powerful infrastructure and then those infrastructures need to talk with each other. We talked about SuperMicro recipe for success and what they are doing to align the ecosystem?