Introducing Topio Networks Academy

Topio Networks announces the launch of its Edge Native Applications Education Program.

Topio Networks is launching the first Edge Native Applications Education Program, a Digital Business Administration Certificate. The Program is for End-users, OEM manufacturers, System Integrators, and Software Vendors from start-ups to fully developed companies, for technical and business leaders. Taught by the key Edge Computing Opinion leaders, the classes will enable the participants to learn how to ideate, conceive, and develop sustainable and responsible Edge Native Applications. The program is an online 3-month program of more than 53 classes from August 23rd until November 17th, 2022.

“We have been talking with all the market players for the last three years and see a great thirst for knowledge to navigate the complexity of the Edge ecosystem. We recognize that market players spend a lot of time educating the audience on use cases for Edge Native Applications, lengthening the adoption and sales cycles. Edge computing and Edge Native Applications have clear guidelines, ROI, and use cases, and those use cases, such as software-defined products, will revolutionize existing industries. We believe we can help the market quickly accelerate and reach maturity,” says Gavin Whitechurch, COO of Topio Networks.

The Edge Native Applications Education Program is the first program of the Topio Networks Academy, which will deliver in-depth programs to accelerate the emergence of new ecosystems. Pierre DREUX, former Dean of business schools, engineering schools, and technology innovation expert, will lead the Topio Networks Academy. He will also be joining our executive committee.

Pierre: ” I am excited to be Topio Networks Academy’s first Dean. I saw the emergence of Cloud Computing in the 2000s. I witnessed firsthand how a program like the one Topio Networks has built for Edge Native Applications could have accelerated the market even more. Providing the community with use-cases, a support network, and connecting them to the key leader of the industry will accelerate the market big time.”

“Innovation combines entrepreneurs, funding, and product-market fit.  Venture Capital is now well industrialized with a solid and vibrant industry. Accelerators have taken on the duty to train entrepreneurs and accelerate them. We can do the same for practitioners, giving them tools to understand the market and act faster in evaluating product-market fit.” Philippe Cases, CEO of Topio Networks and former Managing General Partner of Venture Funds.

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For more information about the Academy, reach out to Pierre DREUX, Dean of the Topio Networks Academy: