Edge Computing World Announce Winners of the Edge Awards

Edge Computing Industry Recognizes woman leader and four innovative companies in Edge 

with the Fourth Annual Awards Program. 

San Francisco, California – October 11th, 2022 – Edge Computing World, an event that brings together the entire edge ecosystem, and Topio Network, a next-generation business information provider and accelerator of high-tech markets, announced the winners of  the Fourth Annual Edge Award 2022. The awards recognize excellence in edge computing hardware, software, platform and applications, and individual excellence and contributions to the edge ecosystems. 

The Awards were announced at the Awards Ceremony on the evening of October 11th during Edge Computing World in Santa Clara, California. 

The Awards went to:

CruxOCM for Edge Startup of the Year (recognizes Startups with between US$ 3 million to $15M funding and more than 20 employees).

CruxOCM uses Edge Computing yo automate Oil & Gas control room operations and improve sustainability

 dRISK for Edge Innovator of the Year (recognizing young companies with up to $3M funding with less than 20 employees)

dRISK Leverages Edge Computing for testing and training Autonomous Vehicles to make AVs safe in the modern world.

Precision AI for Edge Rising Star of the Year  (recognizing more mature companies with more than $15M of funding raised)

Precision AI leverages Edge computing for Precision Spray Drone System to increase yield, reduce inefficiency & overspray using artificial intelligence

Odience by Summit Tech for Edge Native Application of the Year

Odience a remote participation platform, used to create live immersive and interactive experience for markets such as retail, live music and sport

Kaniz Mahdi for Edge Woman of the Year

SVP Technology Architecture & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom, recognized for leadership in, and outstanding contribution to, the field of edge computing.

“The Edge Awards continue to highlight vision and leadership in the implementation of new technology and the creation of the next generation of services” said Philippe Cases of Topio Networks and Edge Computing World  “We are particularly excited to see applications of edge computing come to the fore this year, with companies like CruxOCM, dRisk, Odience & Precision AI showing how edge computing will be make fundmentation contributions to enhancing sustainability, increasing safety and crating new unique services and experiences. ”  

About Edge Computing World.

Edge Computing World 2022– Building the Platform for the Age of Data –  is held on Oct 11th-12th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California. 

The Edge Computing World 2023 will be held on November 7th & 8th 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California.