Topio Networks: Mapping 2023!

Happy New Year from Topio Networks! We’re excited to be entering the new year and, with it, start with a level-setting about what our name Topio stands for and how it supports our vision for new building and ground-laying in 2023. 

Topio comes from the Greek word meaning place and landscape. “IO” also plays on web URLs popular with innovative companies in the tech sector. 

Topio Networks is a platform generating and cross-connecting industry intel and insights across the topology of emerging tech sectors – we exist to reach end users and OEMs through our advisory services, events, and the new Topio Networks Academy.

Our vision is to be an industry catalyst for all facets of digital transformation, practically educating, researching, onboarding, and connecting leaders who make a difference globally. We get there through our mission – educating, innovating, advising, and building communities across markets key to digital transformation. We bring insight to the market that does not exist. Our approach to community building creates the interconnectedness that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a paradigm shift leading to breakthroughs in technology and culture. We bring together like-minded executives to inspire insights and results to understand this new paradigm shift and to learn what works best for them, their business units, and their companies, to set themselves up for success.

Our job as analysts is to stay close to the market and deeply understand where the industry is going. Topio is innovative in its technology and business model, AI-driven, daily tracking 10K+ topics and companies, including tracking their news, milestones, investors, and funding.

We view the market and manage colossal amounts of public information in a way that enables Topio to comprehend what is happening in every corner of the market landscape, each sub-section of the entire industrial revolution, and how these different elements and trends interact.

We are an industry catalyst for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing in the age of autonomy, where figuring out the interoperability between humans, machines, and cloud-based systems is essential. Smart spaces, smart objects, AI, and humans, all interacting with each other, will comprise the new autonomous intelligent world. Smart spaces include already smart buildings, offices, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing,  and new civic infrastructure. They will power resilient and responsive communities, improve supply chains, and enable safer roads and smarter cities, creating inclusive innovation ecosystems leveraging real-time information to design new interactions.  

Tracking the state of machines and interactions between machines and humans in real-time and reacting quickly to those interactions leveraging simulation and AI needs to be at the core of information systems. The tech platform of the future must enable these interactions and be intelligent as well. The concepts and technologies where Topio leads in business and market intel are key to where industry is going: data sovereignty, data responsibility, data exchanges, data spaces, digital twins, and the ecosystem of entities built on top of this intelligent infrastructure, all of which hinge on edge computing.

In 2023 Topio will build on several initiatives launched last year to accelerate the market: 

  • On April 28th-29th we launched the first ground-breaking Intelligent Infrastructure Conference in partnership with the Austin, Texas-based Autonomy Institute and CG/LA. “Intelligent Infrastructure addresses the key challenges of our lifetime” – the Intelligent Infrastructure conference unpacked the implications of Intelligent Infrastructure for the future – the digitization and renewal of US infrastructure.
  • On October 11th-12th we brought together 1,200 executives who shaped last year’s  Edge Computing World, driving industry dialogue with end users, the ecosystem of edge  and developers in a variety of verticals focused on use cases and technical sessions.
  • On October 13th, we launched a partnership with Gaia-X, whose mission is to create an open, transparent, and secure federated digital ecosystem where data and services respond to standard rules and can be securely built, collated, and shared. Gaia-X is an initiative that develops digital governance applicable to any existing cloud/ edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability, and interoperability across data and services. In 2023 we will expand on Gaia-X’s mission by driving greater awareness in the US. 
  • And on November 4th, we launched Topio Networks Academy, created to provide leadership development and education across the industry to tackle the challenges created by the evolving edge computing architectures, intelligent infrastructure, data exchanges, and digital twins. It is early days for Topio Networks Academy, and in 2023 we are excited to build a thriving online community based on knowledge exchange. Topio Networks Academy is a unique model for education – three months of synchronous virtual education with live participation – leveraging the leading industry experts of next-gen edge computing.

In 2023, Topio Networks will accelerate these industry initiatives – please mark your calendars with more information to come:

  • June 6th-7th, Intelligent Infrastructure Conference, Austin, Texas.
  • November 7th-8th Edge Computing World, Santa Clara, CA. 
  • Topio Networks Academy ramp-up. After a shortened inaugural program, we will propose the full scope of the curriculum on Edge Applications through three cohorts, with the  goal of 200 people or less per cohort to keep engagement and interaction optimal:
    • February 28th – May 18th: Edge Applications Program
    • May 30th  – August 17th: Edge Applications Program
    • Sept 5th – Nov 23rd: Edge Applications Program

We are looking forward to driving an exciting, dynamic, impactful 2023! Sign up on to receive the latest on Topio Networks, in-person and online events, and Topio Networks Academy course offerings.

Philippe Cases CEO Topio Networks