Connected Vehicles Essentials: Week Ending 4/26/2020/

In a latest survey from JD Powers, confidence from Americans and Canadians in self driving technologies decrease for the first time since the survey is being conducted. This comes at a time where regulators, trucking companies and partners are becoming aligned to promote deployment of self-driving technologies.

The infrastructure is still being built.  The  auto industry announced its plan to install 5 million pieces of V2X over the next five years meaning 50 times more transmitters in cars. Technologies leveraging traffic lights are being developed to optimize traffic based on video data and to reassure pedestrians.

In the meantime, companies are showing progress. Tesla announced drivers had more than 1 billion miles using Autopilot (about 10% of total mileage driven). launched an autonomous delivery in California and Nuro is making contact-free deliveries in Sacramento and San Mateo.

The level of activity is so high that it translates in industry research reportS. The automation of movement in every step of the logistics and delivering chain ranging from a warehouse or a factory to the delivery of goods to the final customer destination, according to IDTechex, will reach $ 81 Billion and $ 290 million in 2030 and 2040.