Coca-Cola Expanding Blockchain Across Supply Chain / 85% of Italian Banks Are Using R3’s Corda / Dapper Labs Nets $1.2M in Digital Collectible Sales

This week in the landscape…there was no sign of the industry slowing or holding back in our last summer month instead quite the opposite. We’ve been talking all year about 2020 acting as a foundational year for the blockchain landscape and now we’re seeing just how impactful it actually is. Since January we’ve seen more real-world adoption and use cases applied throughout the enterprise, a surge of infrastructure improvements, digital currencies & CDBCs become the top of many government objectives, NFTs & digital assets show themselves to the world, DApps paving their way into the market, and DeFi reaching +$4bn in total value…that’s just the beginning.

CONA (Coke One North America) is Baselining the Coca-Cola bottling supply chain and expanding its use of blockchain (Ethereum). Speaking of Ethereum, the blockchain celebrated it’s fifth birthday earlier this week. Dapper Labs levels up as they announce a $12M fundraising from VCs and a collection of NBA Players. Additionally, the team shared that their NBA Top Shot application has already netted $1.2M in NFT sales — huge news for DApps and NFTs. 85% of Italian banks are using R3’s Corda. China’s state-run bank are now testing wallets for the Digital Yuan. Atari VCS becomes the first blockchain gaming console — watch out Nintendo Switch! Investors, Electric Capital, announced a $110M fund focusing on Seed & Series A investments. Coinbase Wallet will now be supporting crypto domains via Unstoppable Domains. Reports dropped that Uniswap had raised an $11 million Series A back in June. Travala added 1M more homes for booking with crypto and digital currencies. William Shatner made history on the WAX with a collection of NFTs. BSN’s Global Portal will launch on August 10th with the aim to integrate with 30–40+ public blockchain networks by June 2021, and so much more! Enjoy!

🚚 Baselining the North America Coca-Cola Bottling Supply Chain

CONA (Coke One North America) now wants to extend the use-case from the internal network to a larger audience. Utilizing the Baseline Protocol, the goal is to establish a “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor” enabling a low-barrier network onboarding process for Coca-Cola Bottling suppliers. This not only streamlines the ability of internal bottlers-suppliers to provide products to the bottling network but also external suppliers (e.g. raw materials vendors like cans and bottles) can benefit from an integrated, private, distributed integration network.…read more — Provide &

🇮🇹 85% of Italian Banks Are Exchanging Interbank Transfer Data on Corda

85% of Italian banks are using R3’s Corda (The Corda Team) blockchain as it vastly speeds the process of double-checking transaction logs from 30–50 days down to one day. Using Corda for data exchanges between banks is also lower-stakes than moving fiat between banks on a blockchain…read more

🇨🇳 China Aims to Be the World’s Dominant Blockchain Power With Help From Google, Amazon and Microsoft

A state-backed blockchain infrastructure project from China aims to be the dominant internet services provider for decentralized applications (DApps). But the network’s reliance on U.S. cloud service providers makes it vulnerable to geopolitical risks. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Google are among the major cloud service providers for BSN’s overseas data centers. The U.S. government is considering restricting Chinese cloud services companies from operating in the U.S. Still, it has yet to address the question of U.S. companies hosting applications that have a China connection…read more

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👾 Gaming Industry Use of Blockchain May Lead to Mass Adoption

Adopting blockchain technology is driven by gaming by taking the user’s incentive from pure speculation to transactions on a blockchain platform. CryptoKitties was the first real blockchain gaming application. According to EsportsBets, The leading blockchain games this year are mostly card games with RTS games closely behind…read more

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🏘️ Dutch Regulator Approves Tokenized Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Max Crowdfund, a Dutch blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform, got approval from the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. The license will allow the parent company, Max Property Group, to launch the platform in partnership with DLT provider Jelurida. The platform will be available for users as an app on both iOS and Android…read more

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🏀 Dapper Labs Raises $12M From VC Firms and NBA Players, Nets $1.2M in NFT Sales

Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, has secured $12 million in the latest investment round for its Flow Blockchain. New investors include Coinbase Ventures, BlockTower Capital, and NBA players Andre Iguodala of Miami Heat, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Garrett Temple of the Brooklyn Nets, JaVale McGee of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic. Dapper’s chief executive and founder, Roham Gharegozlou, stated that the funding will be used to “ensure that Flow can scale to the size of projects appealing to fan bases as big as the NBA.” Dapper Labs also revealed that it has sold more than $1.2 million worth of crypto-collectibles to hundreds of early adopters on the two-month-old beta version of its NBA Top Shot platform. The game is Dapper’s flagship title built on the Flow blockchain. Top Shot allows players to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing significant “moments” in basketball history. Top Shot has sold more than 22,000 packs of NFTs worth $1.2 million to its roughly 900 active beta users…read more

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🇨🇳 China’s BSN Aims to Integrate With 40 Public Chains Within a Year

Red Date Technology CEO He Yifan shared the plans of China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) that aim to integrate with 30–40 public blockchain networks by June 2021. The following year, it will further integrate more blockchains to double that number. BSN is China’s first government-backed blockchain initiative launched in April, was initially positioned to help small to medium-size businesses and entrepreneurs build and deploy blockchain applications on permissioned blockchains…read more

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🎙️ Research: State of the Blockchain & DApps 2020:

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