Firechat around AI, Edge Computing, Topio and life in general

Last week, i sat down with Dan Turchin who is editing the PodCast: “AI and the Future of Work”. We started by talking about myself, then why i created Topio and then we cover AI, Edge Computing and the impact on overal jobs and the future of work.

To summarize my thoughts, I think we are at the cusp of the true third industrial revolution. In the same way, the invention of engines enabled the industrialization of manufacturing, the internet is enabling the industrialization of services. We have already seen the impact of the Internet in media, retail, finance and now automotive but the biggest impact is yet to come in industries such as Healthcare, Education and many others. I don’t think it has been a better time to be an entrepreneur or an investor in technology. It has also the opportunity to generate wealth and an elevation of the standard of living for many people. It will destroy many jobs as well so we will need to manage the transition in order to avoid too much pain in the process.

If you want to listen to the Podcast, you can find it here.