Edge Computing World Announces Winners of the Edge Hackathon

ETSI & LF Edge recognize three winners of the Worldwide Edge Hackathon held over the previous three months at an exciting in-person demo and pitch off session, with the winner taking a $9000 prize. 

San Francisco, California – November 7th, 2022 – Edge Computing World, an event that brings together the entire edge ecosystem, organized by Topio Network, a next-generation business information provider and accelerator of high-tech markets, announced the winners of the Edge Hackathon 2022

The Hackathon was supported by ETSI, an independent, not-for-profit organization developing  global standards  in the field of information and communications technologies  and curator of the MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) Standard, and LF Edge, an umbrella organization under the Linux Foundation that   enables an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.   The 5G Automotive Association 5GAA also supported a special prize on automotive edge applications.

The Worldwide Edge Hackathon ran between July 1st to Sept 23rd in a virtual format, attracting fifteen teams from Europe, Asia and the Americas competing in three application verticals: Automotive, Mixed & Augmented Reality, and Edge Computing & 5G.   Teams were challenged to utilize LF Edge Akraino Blueprints, ETSI MEC Services APIs to realize an innovative edge application or service of their choosing.  Additional resources and technical support were provided by  Arm, Equinix, Intel & InterDigital. 

At the culmination of the virtual phase, three finalists were selected for the Final, held in person at Edge Computing World in Santa Clara on October 11th & 12th. Team members traveled from Asia, Europe and the US to showcase their solutions on the Exhibition Floor of Edge Computing World, where the finalists had the opportunity to connect with the global edge industry leaders participating in the event.  In a Final Pitch-Off event, the three selected teams presented their solutions in front of a live conference audience and a judging panel representing ETSI, LF Edge, 5GAA,  mobile carriers (DISH, Verizon), and ecosystem players (Arm, InterDigital, Mavenir). The winners were:

First Place: Team DOMINO (including representatives of Equinix and Aarna Networks) 

Second Place: Team Pedraforca (including representatives CTTC and Vicomtech)

Third Place:  K.I.T.T. (including representatives Optare Solutions)

 KITT were also presented the Automotive Special Prize, supported by the 5GAA

“The Edge Hackathon continues to demonstrate how edge solutions can easily be developed to meet real life problems, and it’s very exciting to see the global scope and diverse nature of the innovation stimulated by the hackathon” said Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks and Edge Computing World  “We are delighted to continue to  work with ETSI, LF Edge and the other hackathon partners to showcase the reality of innovation at the edge. ”  

About Edge Computing World.

Edge Computing World 2022– Building the Platform for the Age of Data –  was held on Oct 11th-12th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley. 

The 2023 Conference will be held on November 7th & 8th 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.